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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  July 5, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> reporter: friends and family of a 29-year-old berkeley man are asking for the public's help. they think he went for a bike ride here in the oakland hills on saturday and he hasn't been seen since. we're live in contra costa county where we're getting a better look at the damage caused by last night's wild fire. we'll tell you what witnesses say they think started it all. news chopper 2 over a fire.
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firefighters getting the upper hand but we understand international boulevard just shut down. stay with us for more details. also seven california fishermen still missing off the coast of mexico. the very emotional reaction from their families here in the bay area. the morning news continues. well, good morning to you. welcome to tuesday. it's july 5th. i'm dave clark. good morning. i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us. check in with steve paulson for the weather forecast. still warm weather ahead. inland, yes. it will still be warm to hot. by the coast no, cool kind of foggy for some. breezy for others. 60s to 90s. there could be a 40-degree difference between some of those locations inland and some hugging the coast. fog though is on the increase. look at that and have the five- day forecast shortly. here's sal. steve, we have breaking news in oakland where some sort of looks like either a tow yard
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or just a yard with cars in it caught fire. a couple of these cars were on fire just a while ago. you see oakland fire department on the scene. this is 45th avenue near international boulevard and high street. one of the things i wanted to let you know is international boulevard nearby has shut down because of this fire. so, again, this is close to high street, international boulevard, bancroft avenue near fremont high school there in oakland. this is the area that you saw the smoke coming up from. you can see that international boulevard here has been shut down. it's a pretty busy street obviously. they have some detours set up because of this fire. 6:02 back to the desk. topping our news this morning family and friends of a missing berkeley cyclist are turning to the public for help. mike martin vanished on saturday possibly while on a bike ride just a short timing a ktvu's allie rasmus spoke to the missing man's girlfriend.
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allie, what can you tell us? >> reporter: right now we are on tunnel road in the oakland berkeley hills. you can see from the bike path this is a very popular route for cyclists. the 29-year-old frequently road his bike through this area but on saturday somebody found his cell phone on the ground right here on tunnel road. that caused his family to become concerned especially after he did not return back to his berkeley apartment on saturday night. now this is a picture of the 29- year-old cyclist. he said he has not been seen since saturday afternoon. he is 6 feet tall, brown hair and brown eyes working on his phd in physics at uc berkeley. his girlfriend says martin used to be a professional cyclist and feels very comfortable on the bike. he knows how to navigate hills but worries he may have been malnourished because he had recently been researching how to do juice diets and how to fast. >> if he was going down a windy
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road, things he usually does and he physically and mentally couldn't take it, he could have just gone over the side. >> reporter: and of course that is what the family is fearing. and his friends are fearing. martin was last seen riding a fluorescent green and white road bike wearing a blue and gray helmet, white cycling shoes, regular street clothing and a blue mountain hardware backpack. the family is asking anyone, drivers, cyclists, who may have seen someone fitting that description over the weekend in this area they're asking them to give berkeley police a call. live in the oakland hills, allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. organized crime rings are being blamed for a rise in retail thefts at union square. according to the san francisco examiner the people involved are shoplifting experts. first they steal the merchandise from stores and then resell it on the tree. the booster or people who steel the products carry foil lined bags to avoid the security
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sensors. others used fake receipts for cash returns and stolen credit cards to purchase things. police say smaller boutiques are more vulnerable to these crime rings. time now 6:04. well, firefighters are real busy overnight in contra costa county fighting several grass fires. ktvu's tara moriarty live in bay point right now getting a better look at some of the damage. good morning, tara. >> reporter: good morning. it's still pretty windy out here, dave. as you can see still pretty dry. and if we take a look across the street we're here off port chicago way and driftwood we're getting a better look at the damage that was done by last night's fire. it's all charred black and embers were actually still falling from the trees when we arrived around 3:30 this morning. now this fire began around 9:30 last night. crews from contra costa county fire and several other agencies battled the flames until after midnight. firefighters were chasing quite a few wild fires last night. at least three of them spread out over a mile in different
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directions. one fire even threatened some buildings off of port chicago highway. now no word on exactly officially what sparked these fires but witnesses tell us there was a lot of illegal firework activity in the area last night. >> there are a lot of fireworks out. our fire marshals are out trying to determine what the cause of the fires are. but we don't have safe and sane fireworks here in the county. they are illegal and that's one of the reasons is to try and make sure we're not going to have any types of fires. >> reporter: now crews squelched another fire along solano avenue near willow pass road. drivers and bystanders could see the flames and thick smoke. fire officials say they had to shut down roads in the area while they got the flames under control. and other fires near pittsburg also slowed rail traffic as well. now the conditions will be hot and dry in this area all week with temperatures peaking at 95 degrees today but hopefully now that the 4th of july celebrations are over the illegal fireworks will be as
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well. live in bay point, tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. time now 6:06. in pleasant hill a fire damaged two houses there. started just before 1:30 yesterday morning in a house on julian way. the fire spread to the home next door but luckily no one was hurt. the woman who lives in the first house says her home was burglarized just about a month ago and she had just finished replacing her stolen property. well, san jose no longer has a big fireworks show on the 4th of july. but some people put on their own illegal display. pretty professional there. it's been a tradition every 4th of july to set off fireworks, but the law says they are illegal. we talked to a retired fire captain who lives there and he fears that it's just a matter of time before something bad happens. >> you know it can happen in four, five, seven or ten minutes when you have a good wind and old structures that can just take a block out.
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>> no one out there just doing dumb stuff. they're not doing it with their families and parties they got going on. >> firefighters were out last night trying to educate people about the dangers of setting off their own fireworks. the police chief was also out. he says they don't have the resources to crack down on the activity. the east bay also saw its fair share of fireworks. our ktvu cameras spotted this display from skyline road in oakland around 9:00 last night. oakland is another bay area city that did not hold an official fireworks show for the 4th of july and where fireworks are illegal. your time now 6:08. the mexican navy will continue searching and hopefully rescuing the seven american tourists still missing after their fishing boat sank in the gulf of california. 27 tourists were on board the boat when it went down during a sunday morning storm. one person is confirmed dead. all but one of the tourists is from northern california.
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62-year-old richard of novato is among the survivors. his wife told us he spent about 12 hours bobbing in the water. >> they were off the boat in two seconds the whole thing went under just like that. just like the titanic he said. it didn't capsize. it sunk. >> charles gibson also survived that fishing trip. 43-year-old michael ang of belmont made it out alive as well. today the senate gets back to work on a debt reduction plan. they have four weeks to raise the national debt ceiling or the government will be in default for the first time. coming up at 6:15 we're going to have a live report from our washington d.c. newsroom on what the white house is reportedly offering to cut to get republicans to cooperate. president obama is holding a first ever twitter town hall at the white house tomorrow. anyone can tweet questions about jobs and the economy. and some of the town hall's live audience will be drawn from people who are followers
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of the white house twitter account. the white house twitter town hall meeting will start at 11:00 a.m. that's not easy to say. >> no. it's not. >> not in the morning either. time now 6:09. sam, you're busy. you've got the chopper working too. >> that's right. news chopper 2 above oakland this morning. we're looking at a fire that was in a lot of cars. just these old cars looks like maybe it could be an impound lot. a bunch of tow trucks arnold. the fire is near 1435th avenue near international boulevard. reported about a half hour ago. news chopper 2 actually more like 45 minutes ago news chopper 2 arrived on the scene, saw some smoke still. some smoke is still rising although it's beginning to dissipate now. but international boulevard nearby is shut down. looks like they may be reopening it soon. look at traffic approaching the bay bridge. not a big delay just yet. and this morning's drive is going to be okay in san francisco along northbound 101 approaching the 80 split.
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at 6:10 let's go back to steve. sal, thank you, sir. fog coming up the coast. yesterday if you were by the coast or actually in the city temperatures took a big plunge. half-moon bay 64. san francisco 67. antioch was 97. livermore was 97. gill roy was 97. and 98 at morgan hill. for some it's hot for others it's kind of cool or nice however you want to look at it. the low clouds yesterday went north to south. today they're going south to north and they're continuing to move up the coast and starting to move over the bay as well. so there's still a strong surge there coast and bay. inland it might take another day. there's really not a very strong component yet at least of a sea breeze. it's there. but for some it's hardly at all. and for others starting to show itself a little bit. 50s more so than the 60s. higher elevations are warm. upper 70s and 80s a couple thousand feet up. very warm air aloft trapped it's going to take another day before that system swings into the gulf of alaska starts to flex its muscle a little bit.
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it's been working out. been working out. it's going to start cooling everyone down. inland areas for some once you get to this time of year and get that heat areas like lake county or santa clara valley takes a while to cool you down. today another warm to hot day but all signs point toward a cooling trend and temperatures heading south as we go into the end of the week and weekend. cool to warm or hot. a west breeze 98 clear lake. takes me about 45 minutes, folks, to put all these temperatures together because i go over each and every town. i don't slap this in there. i go over every one try to get them right. 890s for some. 96 antioch. 68 alameda. 93 livermore. down four from yesterday. morgan hill down 4 as well from 98 to 94. san jose actually kind of cooled down a it little bit yesterday. saratoga 8. woodside 85 yet 60 pacifica. 75 san mateo, burlingame and low 80s for palo alto, men lo
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park. fog, sun, cool for some, warm for others. cooling trend starlets on wednesday carries us into the end of the week. time now 6:12. a skier fighting for his life this morning after falling 800 feet. and why the secret service is now investigating the twitter account of fox news.
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welcome back now.
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6:15. the secret service now investigating the hacking of a fox news twitter page. one that falsely claimed that president obama had been assassinated. now the hackers posted six tweets on the fox political account. they said the president had been shot to death while in iowa. that of course was not true. fox news called these tweets malicious. they're calling on twitter to investigate. the u.s. senate will resume negotiations later this morning in washington to try to avoid a debt crisis. the talks have hit several stumbling blocks in recent days. as ktvu's scott mcfar land reports from our washington d.c. newsroom both sides are digging in with just days left until possible financial disaster. scott. >> reporter: both sides digging in deep. as you said the u.s. senate canceled its holiday weekend recess to come back here to resume these negotiations. and multiple reports this morning indicate the white house is offering to make a big concession. tens of billions of dollars in cuts to medicare and medicaid. according to the new york times
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this morning that money would be squeezed out of government payments to nursing homes and hospitals. the true sticking point in the negotiations though will republicans agree to changes in the tax code included end to tax breaks for several big industries and perhaps a tax hike on the highest earning people in the u.s. >> that it would be extremely dangerous and would have highly negative impacts on our economy if we were not to raise the debt ceiling. >> reporter: the firm debt ceiling deadline hard to pinpoint. the treasury department says by august 2nd the debt ceiling must be raised. the white house issuing a sooner deadline for july 22nd. there's already been movement towards ending some of those tax breaks we mentioned including an industry tax break for ethanol. live in washington, scott mcfar lane, ktvu channel 2 news. time now 6:17. overnight nato announced that four nato soldiers were killed
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in two separate attacks in afghanistan. three were killed by a roadside bomb. the fourth one died in a separatein sir gent attack. nine international troops have been killed this month. 280 so far this year. bart and san francisco police have launched separate investigations into sunday night's fatal shooting at san francisco's civic center bart station. investigators say it began when two officers responded to a call about a drunk man carrying an open container of alcohol on the train platform. bart police chief says the two officers immediately found themselves in a very dangerous situation. >> the guy's armed with a knife. guy used a bottle as a weapon. one of our officers is injured. our officers used the force which they felt was necessary in defense of their life. >> one officer was armed with a taser but chose not to use it. investigators have still not released the name of the man who was killed.
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time now 6:18. a sonoma county dive team recovered the body of a man who drowned in the russian river. 30-year-old juan martinez was swimming in the river with his girlfriend when they were swept away by a strong current. now he was able to help his girlfriend get into a kayak that came to rescue them but then he sank below the surface and drowned. a skier is in critical condition this morning after surviving an 800-foot fall from a mountain in wyoming. now officials at the national park say 33-year-old ryan red mond of wisconsin was skiing with friends on saturday when he lost control and fell. rangers say that he was wearing a helmet, a climbing helmet, at the time and had an ice ax attached to his ski pole but unable to stop his fall. all right. our time now 6:19. let's get you to where you need to go. sal, you still watching that fire in oakland? yes, we are. one of the things we want to let you know is that the fire
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has been put out. these are pictures taken from news chopper 2 just a while ago. one of my colleagues i was looking for the word for what this was, it's a junk yard. that's exactly what it is. it's a lot with cars. anyway, it was a junk yard. a couple cars, tow trucks and whatever. so they put -- firefighters were aggressive and put water all over the fire. no reported injuries but some of these cars unfortunately were damaged. i didn't give location in oakland on 45th avenue near international. they're still opening up international boulevard in the area. so you could expect some delays. let's go out and take a look at the commute on westbound 92 getting out to the high-rise. that traffic looks pretty good. and this morning's commute on highway 92 and 84 getting out to the peninsula looks good. 101 and 17, 85 san jose looking okay if you're driving into downtown san jose on 87 northbound we're already
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getting a little bit of slow traffic there. at 6:20 let's go to steve. thank you. fog for some. warm to hot for others. looks like yesterday we topped out. temperatures away from the coast will take another day. by wednesday we'll start to see a system dig into the north and that will enhance the fog and sea breeze. for some it's going to be a sunny day. wind isn't too much of a factor. high pressure reluctantly trying to give up its grip but fog coming up the coast. patchy fog, low clouds, sunny skies, cool for some hot for others. see the fog yesterday and watch it reverse itself and start to pick up and go up the coast and actually expand westward. 50s for some. 60s for others. mainly though 50s low 60s san jose. clear skies unless you have some of that low clouds. tropical clouds should push off towards the east from the sierra and san joaquin valley. i don't think it will make any difference here. low clouds fog for some. cool, mild, warm for others. west wind trying to get its act
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together. 60s for some. cooled down on the peninsula especially east bay, santa clara valley a cooker. some 90s still today. tomorrow we see the drop in the temps carrying us into thursday and level off 60s coast, 70s bay and 80s inland. the airline industry is undergoing the largest change since the start of the jet age in 1958. planes like the boeing 787 are being built out of the same lightweight material used for formula one race cars and their engines being redesign today squeeze more power out of every gallon of fuel. improved efficiency should mean passengers won't see fares change as much as oil prices fluctuate. >> i can't promise anyone a ride home but if you're with me, the world needs you now. >> the transformers put the 3d ticket price advantage to good cruise. dark of the moon sold $160 million worth of tickets during the 4th of july weekend and 60% of those tickets were for the
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3d version which costs more. cars 2 fell to second but has topped the $200 million mark in global ticket sales. bad teacher, larry crown e and super 8 round out the top five. time now 6:22. a marin county city may expand a smoking ban. what may be included in that ban very soon. good morning. westbound highway 4 is looking okay here but you will see some slow traffic on highway 4. we'll tell you where and also give you a look at the rest of the commute.
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your time is now 6:26. well, new this morning a group of squatters is occupying a building in san francisco's mission district. pretty chaotic scene that broke out last night when the police showed up. >> hey. hey. >> now look at this. police arrested one man last night, charged him with resisting arrest and assaulting a police officer. he's part of a group called homes not jails. now we're looking at this live right now. our photo journalist is out there panning across. look at the banners outside here. you can read for yourself what they say. now we're watching this. this is at 20th and mission.
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you can see all the signs there. pretty quiet right now in the neighborhood. yesterday the demonstrators told ktvu they would not leave this building until the police kicked them out. >> we do this to get the word out that there are over 32,000 units of housing in san francisco that are sitting vacant. and people say that we don't have the resources to house our 10,000 homeless people in san francisco, but there's places like this. >> now the organization homes not jails says it would like to see the board of supervisors push for a tax for property owners who leave housing units unoccupied for more than a year. tomorrow tub ron could add to the list of places where people can't smoke. the town council will consider a ban on smoking in all large apartment complexes by 2014. there would be an exemption for condominiums and small apartment building. now the proposed law would also make it imlegal to smoke in outdoor dining areas, parks and
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at outdoor special events. swept away by the american river. >> oh my god. we're going to die. >> the terrifying experience seven bay area rafters caught on camera. >> reporter: friends and family of a 29-year-old berkeley man are asking for the public's help. they're afraid something may have happened to him while on a bike ride here in the oakland hills. wall street set to drop at the sound of the opening bell. we'll take you live to new york for the stocks to watch.
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welcome back to the morning news. real housewife is ringing the opening bell there. jill from real housewives of new york visiting there. i don't know if those are the real housewives right? they are i suppose. i don't know anyone like that. anyway it looks like a pretty busy day on wall street.
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get the numbers in a moment. all right. we'll smile and say good morning to you. thank you for joining us here on ktvu morning news. it feels like monday. >> yes, it does. >> but it's tuesday july 5th. i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm pam cook. time now 6:30. in the news right now a berkeley cyclist has vanished. friends and family members are asking you to help find him. ktvu's allie rasmus spoke to the missing man's girlfriend this morning. good morning, allie. >> reporter: good morning, dave. right now we are on tunnel road in the berkeley oakland hills. you can see from the sign here this is a very popular route with cyclists. already this morning we've seen several people on bikes going past us. this is also a very windy and hilly road with some sharp dropoffs. we can show you the view down the hill just on the other side of this guardrail. but the missing man's girlfriend says that he used to be a professional cyclist, he felt very comfortable on a bike and knew how to navigate roads like this. however saturday evening another cyclist found 29-year- old mike martin's cell phone dropped on the side of tunnel
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road here. his friends and family haven't seen martin since saturday afternoon. that's why they're concerned. he's 29 years old berkeley resident 6 feet tall with brown hair and brown eyes. working on a phd in physics at uc berkeley. he had plans to go on vacation with family members across the country today but friends and family have not seen him since saturday afternoon. >> he was taking off on tuesday to go across country, drive across country with his parents and some family. that was our last date and the next day he was going to come with my parents and family and say good-bye and we were going to have a picnic. he was looking forward to that. >> reporter: now martin was last seen riding a green and white road bike, a fluorescent green and white bike. he was wearing a blue and gray helmet wearing white biking shoes. regular street clothes and a
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blue mountain hardware backpack. the family and berkeley police are asking anyone who may have seen someone fitting that description in this area in the berkeley oakland hills to give berkeley police a call. live in the oakland hills. allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. overnight firefighters were busy chasing and putting out grass fires in contra costa county. ktvu's tara moriarty joins us now from bay point to tell us what firefighters are saying about this this morning. tara. >> reporter: good morning. firefighters were able to contain the fire pretty quickly as you can see the conditions are still pretty windy here. pretty dry as well. we're off port chicago highway and driftwood. across the street here you can see that the damage isn't too bad. it's pretty much contained to this area right here. and all morning long we've seen embers fall from the trees as well as smoke rising in spots. now this fire began around 9:30 last night. crews from contra costa county fire and several other agencies battled the flames until well after midnight.
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firefighters were chasing at least three good sized wild fires last night spread out over about a mile in different directions. now one fire even threatened some buildings off port chicago highway. >> we had a vegetation fire that extended into a garage behind an apartment building. effected several of those units. >> reporter: crews put out another fire along solano avenue near willow pass road. drivers and bystanders could see the flames and thick smoke. firefighters say they had to actually shut down roads in the area while they got the flames under control. other fires near pittsburg actually slowed rail traffic as well. no word on what sparked these fires officially but we know from some witnesses there was a lot of illegal fire activity in the area. conditions will be hot and dry today with temperatures peaking around 95 degrees. hopefully now that the fireworks are over the fire will be as well. live in bay point, tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. time now 6:34. san francisco firefighters blame illegal fireworks for a
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brush fire one that burned about four acres near mclauren park. started about 3:30 yesterday afternoon. poor ever firefighters contained it though within minutes before flames could reach nearby elementary school. firefighters were on alert all night for the possibility of more fireworks related incidents. today a controlled burn is planned for part of marin county. depending on weather conditions the burn is scheduled to take place on tara linda ridge in san rafael. it's being done to get rid of an infestation of barbed goat grass. park rangers say it's a nonnative and invasive weed. time now 6:35. the family of injured giants fan bryan stow issue add new public statement. it says he's showing slow but teddy improvement three months after that brutal beating outside dodgers stadium. fever is down and no signs of infections. family members say they still make regular visits to his san francisco hospital room and they talk to him.
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they play music. and they read aloud get well cards from his many supporters. over the weekend seven bay area rafters learned the hard way about this year's unusually high and fast moving rivers. that's video of a helmet camera on two of the rafters now all seven were flipped into the cold water of the american river and swept downstream. >> got a little sketchy though. i was on the right side. i didn't want to get caught up on anything. i was like i'm out of here. i have to get back to the middle of the water. >> some of the rafters managed to hold on to the raft hoping to avoid getting sucked under the water. the group finally made it to a calm spot in the river where they were able to get out. a 58-year-old woman was hospitalized for shock. she still doesn't remember the accident. no one else though was injured. today the jury in the casey anthony murder trial heads into
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the first full day of deliberations. if found guilty of first-degree murder in the death of her 2- year-old daughter, casey could face the death penalty. coming up at 6:45 we're going to go live to allie rasmus listen de, florida, to hear the lesser charges that could spare her life. an autopsy will be performed today on the body of a woman found over the weekend in indiana. it could be the remains of a missing college student. the body found in a creek outside of indianapolis. now police in the nearby town of bloomington are waiting for word of identification. 20-year-old lauren spear disappeared from that town on june 3rd. she has not been seen since. right now 6:37. sal's following a few things this morning. sal. yeah, we are looking at the video that we just got in from news chopper 2. we were over this car -- these cars that were torched earlier in the backyard of some homes. it looked like a yard where they had a bunch of old cars
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and some cars that weren't running anymore and some of these cars were on fire. a couple tow trucks in the area. this is on 45th avenue near international boulevard. and it did send up smoke in the area briefly closing we are national above for firefighters to use as a staging area. let's go out to live pictures now. westbound bay bridge getting a bit of a back up about 15 minute delay here. and no problems this morning on northbound 87 or 101 but we are seeing some slow traffic in the south bay. 6:38. let's go to steve. thank you, sal. well, lots of sunshine inland. it will still be warm to hot. fog has taken a turn at point reyes taking a path towards the sonoma coast. it's fog free everywhere else. san mateo santa cruz looks to be sold out right now. not much of a surge inland. fog going up the coast. still very shallow. cap of high pressure on it. 52 to 62. some fog, low clouds, clear and sunny already for many. 58 to 84 by noon. won't take long for inland
6:39 am
areas with no i want of fog to warm rapidly. if you're stuck in the fog it could be a cool gray morning into early afternoon. 60 to 96 cool to mild to warm to hot. as temperatures now the sea breeze is there but there's a pretty good cap on some of the higher elevations. don't have to go very high on elevations 1500 to 2,000 feet to find extremely warm temperatures. fog has no place to go except really north or over the usual areas of least resistance. low clouds, westerly breeze. 80s, 60s to 90s cool for some hot for others. fog went down the coast yesterday and now reversed and going up the coast. start to thicken up here. 60 livermore. low 60s mountain view, san jose, cooler towards town in mountain view. a lot of 50s though. 62 fairfield. west-southwest 8 not that strong west 6 at sfoful little east southeast 3 at napa airport. not much of a sea breeze yet.
6:40 am
tropical clouds should stay south. maybe higher fogs santa clara valley. system in the pacific northwest while gulf of alaska heading to the pacific northwest will bring in a cooler pattern but probably not for inland areas until wednesday or thursday. today it will be hot for some. cool for others. by the end of the week everyone get in on the cooling trend. takes a while once you get to july and warm temperatures established. takes a while to break it down. fog, sun, cool to warm. 60s, 70s coast and bay. 80s to 90s inland upper 90s clear lake 98. 97 brentwood. 68 alameda. walnut creek 91. danville 93. 94 morgan hill. 85 woodside. 68 san bruno, pacifica 60, 66 san francisco. cooler weather on the way for those inland but it will take another day or two but get here by the weekend. all right. time now 6:40. a big crowd enjoyed a spectacular 4th of july fireworks show on san
6:41 am
francisco's waterfront. [ cheering and applause ] >> that's a beautiful picture. this year was a rare fog-free show too. thousands of people joan joyed this awesome fireworks under clear summer skies. san francisco's waterfront is one of the few places left here if the bay area where you can still enjoy a big fireworks show for free. several bay area cities as you know recently canceled their shows because of budget problems. >> yeah. those shows are not cheap. >> no. they're not. 6:41 the time. the tsunami that hit japan earlier this year is causing more problems here at home. what's expected to hit the u.s. coast in the next two or three years. also another baseball superstar gets ready for a perjury trial. good morning. traffic is moving along pretty well if you're driving on marin county southbound 101. we'll tell you more about the morning commute straight ahead.
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well, good morning to you. welcome back. here's a quick look at some of the top stories we're following for you right now at 644:67:89 overnight firefighters were busy chasing and putting out grass fires in contra costa county. still no word on what sparked these fires but witnesses tell ktvu there was a lot of illegal firework activity in the area last night. family and friends of a missing berkeley cyclist want your help in finding him. 29-year-old mike martin disappeared saturday possibly while on a bike ride in the
6:45 am
east bay hills. he's a scientist and former professional cyclist. and search and rescue efforts continue today for i seven missing american fishermen. their boats sank in the gulf of california. 27 fishermen were on board the boat when it went down during a sunday morning storm. one person is confirmed dead. right now the first full day of jury deliberations is underway in the casey anthony murder trial. reporter jessica stone live in orlando following this story. jessica, what can you tell us the defense in their closing arguments really stressed that there was no forensic or physical evidence linking casey anthony to the death of caylee. what do legal analysts there say about that? did the prosecution prove their case? >> reporter: well, i think a legal analyst would say and we've certainly heard them on our air say this that you can build a circumstantial case that is a murder case. for example if someone is
6:46 am
killed and you don't have a body you know there are still ways to do this. a lot of the mob cases were like that for example. so in terms of the prosecution's evidence, they do have a circumstantial case but they also have just to prove preponderance of the evidence the defense wants the jury to look at reasonable doubt and they tried to plant that reasonable doubt in many, many ways during their closing arguments. >> any indication of how how long the jury might take to come up with their findings? >> reporter: well, pam, i think it's safe to say these people have a lot to go through. more than 400 pieces of evidence. not only the evidence though they also have a complicated way to look at these charges. there are seven charges in all and a couple of them have lesser and included charges especially capital murder. for example, if they look -- once they look at the capital murder charge maybe they don't believe she premeditated the murder and look at second- degree murder and look at
6:47 am
intent there. they can look at manslaughter if they think it was accidental or that it happened by virtue of casey anthony's neglect and then a third choice if they think she was involved in her daughter's death and that is third degree felony murder. that's just another one of their choices. they have to fill out all of this paperwork. this is a copy of it. they have to be unanimous in their decision and that's what's really key here. unanimous on seven different counts included with the lesser included charges. >> sounds like that's going to be the tough part. jessica stone live in orlando. we're going to continue to follow the murder trial casey anthony, the jury now deliberating. thank you for that update. all right. time now 6:47. another baseball superstar goes on trial tomorrow on felony charges tied to steroids. roger clemens due in a washington d.c. courtroom today for a pretrial hearing. the prosecutors say he lied when he told a house committee under osteo that he never used performance enhancing drugs. the hall of fame pitcher is
6:48 am
charged with perjury and five other felony counts. roger clemens can go to prison if he's convicted. federal prosecutors are deciding also whether they're going to retry barry bonds on similar charges. the tsunami that devastated japan back in march swept a sea of debris into the pacific ocean and now we are learning that that is all headed towards the u.s. coast. this computer model shows the debris moving across the pacific. scientists say the debris includes furniture, cars, parts of homes. it's all expected to hit the u.s. in 2013 or 2014. scientists say it would take 68 ships working around the clock for one year to clean up that mess. time is now 6:48. marin county has been given some financial help to reduce pollution runoff. it's a $1.4 million state grant that will go to ducks bury reef as well as point reyes head
6:49 am
lands. make room in the parking lot to filter pollution away from the reef. and also pay for projects to control sediment and build more fencing to keep out cattle. marin county supervisors say this will really help preserve california's coastline. all right. time now 6:48. sal, as people get ready to head out the door what should they know? >> they should know that traffic is more like it normally is for a commute. yesterday we had a pretty light day. today it's you know kind of back to normal. let's go to san francisco. northbound 101 traffic is going to be busy approaching the 80 split. but it's not too bad. southbound 101 looks pretty good heading out of town down to the peninsula. westbound bay bridge we have some slow traffic now backing up beyond the 880 overcrossing. about a 10 minute wait at the toll plaza. and this morning traffic is moving along pretty well in the south bay. we've had a couple slow downs already. for example northbound 101 near 280 as i move the freeway traffic indicator here westbound 580 up to greenville
6:50 am
road in livermore an accident on the right shoulder couple big rigs there and traffic is slow approaching the scene. 6:49 let's go to steve. thank you, sal. sunshine for many. fog is on the coast. not much making a push inland. there's a little towards monterey bay not around here. little in the bay. mainly fog is going up the coast. not much of a surge west to east and temperatures you might expect if you don't have any fog they're hot. yesterday livermore 97. livermore, antiox, gill roy also 97. half-moon bay 64. so if you like warm weather go east. if you look cool weather go west. there's a lot over there. high pressure will hold on for another day here probably inland areas. so patchy fog and low clouds. very shallow. still too much warm air aloftin version is what we call it. sunny skies, cool for some. nice, mild then warm and getting warmer to hot for others. fog yesterday went north to south. it's actually going the other direction. so that's a cooler pattern for usually like santa cruz, san mateo coast and also up towards
6:51 am
the north bay. that fog though again being held in check by very strong high pressure in the desert southwest or the four corners. 50s and 60s on the temps. not much of a sea breeze yet. there is a little one. sfo6 to west southwest at fairfield. that's not very strong. need something about 20 or 25 fairfield before inland cools down. tropical clouds continue to flirt with thunderstorm activity over the southern sierra. fog, sun, cool to warm. there's a west breeze. it's there. pick up later on. anywhere from 60s to near 100 degrees. again, this is a summertime pattern. 88 sonoma, 91 walnut creek. 72 oakland. 68 alameda. 92 pleasanton. 94 morgan hill. san jose santa clara 84. woodside 85. redwood city 82. san bruno 68. pacifica 60. big difference in a lot of these temperatures. cooler weather on the way carry us into the end of the week and everybody cools down as we head to the friday period and also
6:52 am
the weekend. well, google temporarily shut down its realtime feature. that allows users to find updates from facebook, twitter and other social networking sites as they are posted. the mountain view based company says it's working to incorporate its realtime with its google plus. that's the project that it unveiled last week and let's users share things with small groups of people. i'm checking stock numbers today. they're expected to head lower after a pretty good run for the last five days. right now mix dow jones up just a little bit. well, if you ever thought it would be cool to have a scientific discovery named after you, you could be in luck. the nonprofit group discover life in america is surveying every animal in the great smoky mountain national park. it's selling the naming rights to any newly discovered creatures. the minimum donation is $2500. so far it has six donors. the group has discovered more than 7,000 new species in that park in the last ten years.
6:53 am
could have a dave clark animal. >> that's a good idea. time now 6:52. well, he really, really want today get out of the mexican prison and was willing to do anything. the bizarre escape that lands the inmate and his wife in big trouble. and who is being called upon to monitor tsa agents? the new efforts to stop controversial airport pat downs. your commute into the valley's already getting kind of slow at 880. we'll tell you more straight ahead.
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time now 6:55. some are worrying the f.a.a.'s plan to create a new air traffic control system is going too slowly. that's because the airline industry is hesitating about cost of equipping planes with new technology and because federal money's tight. the gps based system is expected to cost more than $40 billion. the f.a.a. says it will save time, fuel and money by allowing for more direct routes. well, controversial airport pat downs are being challenged by florida's libertarian party. the party chairman is call you are for sheriff deputies to stop the body searches and use of body scanners. he says searches are random and they violate people's fourth amendment rights. now the libertarian party is demanding that tsa agents who conduct those full body pat
6:57 am
downs be charged with sexual battery. they say if the federal government won't stop it, then it's up to local law enforcement. a prison break in mexico turned into a tight squeeze for one man. police say a woman try today walk out of a prison with her husband inside a suitcase. take a look at that picture. it happened yesterday following a conjugal visit. prison guards noticed the woman seemed nervous. they also said the suitcase looked a little bulky. the husband is serving a 20 year sentence for possessing illegal weapons. the wife is now facing charges. time now 6:57. let's check in with sal. let's see what the commute is doing out there. sal. all right, dave and pam, right now the commute is getting busy although we are seeing that it's not quite as busy as it would be. i think some people may still have a day off. look at it here westbound you can still see slow traffic coming over the willow pass grade and heading over to concord just a little bit of slowing here. also this morning's commute looks pretty good if you are driving on the drive over to
6:58 am
the toll plaza. it's about a ten minute delay. lighter than usual but certainly some waiting. on the nimitz freeway it's still light so far. let's go to steve. sal, thank you. we have fog right on the coast. not much making a push inland. so sunshine, warm to hot if you're away from the coast but kind of foggy, cool and gray over by it. so the cooler weather will start to work its way inland by thursday and then everybody by friday and into the weekend temperatures will drop to about 15 or 20 degrees for those in the 90s to near 100 right now. wow. all right. thank you, steve. coming up next on mornings on 2, police say he took the law into his own hands. now he's facing attempted murder charges. also coming up for you a trial starts today in the killing of a gay student here in california. the age of both the victim and the suspect may shock you. stay right here with us.
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